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* Security, Government and your Host:

Hello dear Travelers (Hosts & Guests, Moroccans & Non-Moroccans)

Most of you (and mainly Guests as non-Moroccans) are not aware of how risky is to host or walk with a foreigner in Morocco and mainly in Fes and Marrakesh, simply because it would never be expected as it may not exist in her/his/their homeland or as nobody else was interested in sharing that kind of points with her/him/them, hosting in Morocco is taking a big risk and it looks like playing the game of "Hide & Seek" with

Tourism Police; they are Under-covered Plainclothes Police who are meant to keep Moroccans from harassing Foreigners especially as false guides, they stop everybody (locals accompanying foreigners) who is suspicious and mainly if  he/she is with a group of non-Moroccans. After 2 years of hosting and meeting wonderful people from worldwide i got to realize the following points:

1 * Each time such a local hosts a foreigner he/she must declare it to the Police Office (name, address, how many days the foreigner is going to stay, date of entrance...etc, more than in a hotel sometimes, kind of silly interview) :

this is also for the sake of security as the government must follow the foot prints of each non-Moroccan person and know where is/are him/she/them to make it easier to find/help her/him/them in the case of danger or problem, it does not mean that Morocco is not safe but it's good to have everything well registered. Thanks God we live in a land of peace:).

2 * In some cities like Fes and Marrakesh, accompanying Guests (foreigners) requires a document (certificate of authorization):

this is for the security of tourists as there are a lot of False Guides who are annoying tourists and rip them off. However the T.P (Tourism Police) don't believe in the tenet of “friends & friendship” and they ask for “the permission certificate or authorization ” to be with such a non-Moroccan person.

If such a host did not respect those points he/she will be facing troubles with police (1 or 2 nights in Jail or get fined), meanwhile; it may get worst if anything bad happened for any guest while staying in such a place; the host then will be in serious troubles with the government and he could end up in Jail for a couple of days, months or even for years.

BUT the point here is not to scare foreigners from spending time with their local friends but the message is to make people aware of such a situation and to not freak out if your host got stopped by the police).