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"It is not down in any map; true places never are. ~~Herman Melville~~"

* I live in a nice small town named Tighassaline, it is located in the Middle Atlas Region, 23 Km / 14.29 Miles (15 to 20 Minutes) far from Khénifra City on the main Road number 8 linked Targuist to Agadir (via Taouanate, Fes, Azrou, Khénifra, Tighassaline, Beni Mellal, Marrakesh, Chichaoua, Agadir) . 264 Kms / 164 Miles far from Errachedia (around 5 hours by Bus), 188 Kms / 116 Miles far from Fes (around 3 to 4 hours by Bus), 300 Kms / 186 Miles far from Marrakech (around 5 to 6 hours by Bus), thus; there’s an easy access by public transportation (BUS / GRAND TAXIS) or bicycle or even by feet!!!

I live mostly with my modest family in a very modest house, and everything within our life is very modest, simple and primitive with a touch of modernity (TV & Internet^_^).  My "neighbourhood" is a very peaceful place, and the region is peaceful too surrounded by meadows, nature, water springs, mountains and hills - my source of inspiration - on each side along with a small river (Serou, within 5 Kms / 3 Miles) that provides an especially pleasant atmosphere even in summer^_^. By the way, we sleep on the roof during the summer and it’s a wonderful view; the sky covered with stars and the Milkyway.


* When I host people (i meant people from Traveling communities) I never consider them as guests but I treat them as an Old Friend of mine aiming to make them feeling more comfortable and at their own home, hence; as a guest feel free to ask me about anything and anytime and I am here to show you around anytime with a great pleasure and to keep you in touch with more info about my culture as a Moroccan Amazigh (Berber) person, we can discover much more about this region (mountains, caves...etc) by feet or whether by car and explore the local places and the beautiful scenery our landscape has to offer...out of any financial aim of benefit.

I am available to host along the week and I am able to make trips and hikes anytime since I am enjoying the different aspects of Nomadic Life by now. The house where i live is traditional and modest and my room is yours to share, I have everything needed in sleeping including blankets and traditional Amazigh (Berber) beds BUT it’d be better if you bring your sleeping bag. For me the number of days doesn’t matter since my aim is making you feeling at home and since my hospitality is limited in offering you my place and time. I can cook for you if you’d like to experience the local food, as I can teach you how to cook that way if you’re interested in cooking and since I’m very interested in cooking too; I’d like to learn some cooking tips from your country as well^_^. I don’t smoke so you can smoke outside only (not in the house), please respect that. Really, though, the only thing you need to bring is PEACE! ^_^.



• Ayoun Oum Rabia :

the Mother of the spring; it’s around 43 springs of water located between the mountains in a very beautiful area; the water comes down from each spring and gathers within a very strong stream creating the longest rivers in Morocco which runs for 555 Kms / 344 Miles long, with an average water debit of 105 m3/s, Oum Er-Rbia is the second largest river in Morocco after the Sebou River. It takes source in the Middle Atlas and passes through the city of Khénifra and comes in the Atlantic Ocean in Azemmour. Oum Er-Rbia has six dams, the most important of which is Almassira Dam. Its most important tributaries are El-Abid River, Tessaoute River, and Lakhdar River.

The original Amazigh (Berber) name, is "Asif n Isaffen", meaning the river of rivers.

The gorge which produces the 43 springs making up the Oum er-Rbia waterfall is the “border” between the Amazigh (Berber) tribes of the Beni M’Guild and the Zayan M’Guild, to notice almost immediately a difference in architectural styles; the Beni M’Guild winter homes are built of clay, their summer homes are their black felt tents, whereas the more permanent homes of the Zayan are of cedar wood and slanted zinc roofs.

There is a small beautiful waterfall nearby the springs; we can reach those springs by hired car or Grand Taxi as it’s placed in the heart of Middle Atlas Mountains.


Jenan El Mass:

These words symbolize to "the Garden of Diamond", it’s a very beautiful area and it’s so amazing during the spring, you just loose yourself within its pure and fresh air and wonderful scenery.

it can be reached by Motorbikes, Bikes and Car.


Aguelmam Azigza:

"The Green Lake"; it’s placed within 30 Kms / 18 Miles far from Khénifra up between the mountains, and within 18 Kms / 11 Miles far from Oum Rabia sources, in a very very amazing place surrounded with trees and forest full of Monkeys and huge trees; this lake is so calm and huge and it’s a very good spot to camp; we can reach this place by a hired car or Grand Taxi as it’s placed in the middle of the heart of Middle Atlas Mountains.

Sidi Abou Ali:

it’s a very small village, primitive, and placed down of a rocky mountain, we can reach it after 2 hours 15 minutes of walking, the nature there is just amazing and very calm with a pure fresh air, its economical income is based on agriculture and olive oil production, and it’s on the way to Zaouiya Dilaiya.

The Dam of El Hansali:

It’s a recently-build dam on the river of Oum Rabia, it has some huge fish as it creates a big huge lake and it’s located in about 29 Kms / 19 Miles towards the direction of Marrakech.

Zaouiya Dilaiya:

It is a one old building which used to be a capital of the Amazigh (Berber) tribe of this area before that the Alaouyin destroyed it historically. It is placed within 4 hours hiking from my family house up towards the mountains.

Aqua Nsidi El Mekki:

it is a kind of valley, used to be a waterfall and still is a small waterfall, very beautiful landscapes and up of it a small town located; it is Sidi Ihya Ousaad, this place is surrounded by olive trees and we can reach it by borrowing bikes and then by hike.

The River of Srou:

It is a small river which is located in about 5 Kms / 3 Miles far from Tighassaline and it is nice to have a hike nearby it and why not to fish its small fish and camp there too^_^.