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* Things to do while being in Morocco:

- Hire a car and drive through the Berber villages and via the mountains, experience 4 seasons; from the hills into mountains and from mountains into plains and from plains into desert, sand, green land, dry
land, rocks, waterfalls, springs, valleys, wonderful architecture, amazing colors, delicious food…

- feed monkeys and enjoy having them around in Ifrane national park, La Cathedrale, Ourika and in Ouzoud waterfall

- Surf in Oualidia, Safi (Garden Le Jardin), Imsouane, Tamri, Sidi Kaouiki, Sidi Rbat, Banana beach, Tifnit, Tafadna, Mirleft, Sidi Ifni…etc

- Eat Tagine, Couscous, Pastilla, Zaaluk, Kalya, Harira, Bissara, Shabakiya, Feqas, Maakouda sandwich, Sea-food (in Coastal cities such as Essaouira, Al Hoceima, El Jadida, Larache…etc), Smoked sheep head and brain cooked with parsley onions and tomatoes, Bakkoula, Tanjia…etc /

- Enjoy eating Moroccan Doughnuts (Shfeng) and/or Crepes, Melwi b-bsla(with onion), Melwi, harsha with Mint Tea for your breakfast.

- Enjoy drinking Mint Tea,Coffee (one of the most underrated drinks!), Wormwood tea, Louisa (Verbena) Tea, Tea with herbs, Avocado juice, Orange Juice, Apple juice...etc.

- Buy genuine leather clothes/souvenirs (Fes) and Spices (Fes, Agadir, Marrakesh…etc), wonderful woolen Djellabas (from Chefchaouan), Argan oil (from Tamanar), and Olive oil (Middle Atlas).

- Get a beautiful scarf and wrap it around your neck or wear it as a turban to be called Ali Baba, Fatima Couscous or Aicha Tajine while walking through Souks.

- Visit the Paradise valley and try the various honeys alongside the roadside (honey scented with thyme, cactus and lavender.).

- Try Amlou, a delicious, almost legendary specialty, made from honey, crushed almonds and Argan oil which is used like a spread.

- Try olives with different tastes and colors.

- Visit the tons of Kasabas (Dades and Draa valleys) and the Mosque of Hassan 2 in Casablanca (the biggest mosque in Africa)

- have the chance to ride Grand Taxi with 6 other people including the driver/ sometimes you can ride a Grand taxi with 13 other people including the driver (I personally had this chance before).

- Ride Minibuses with sheep and goats, ride on the top of a minibus or a pickup and enjoy the beauty the scenery has to offer and the fresh air.

- Use a Turkish/eastern toilet and train your legs and learn how to keep your balance on your toes.

- Visit the oldest university in the world (Al Qarawiyine) and get lost between the tiny streets of the medina of Fes (the oldest busiest medina in the world).

- Dive in the ocean (Agadir), Visit the Hercules Grote in Tanger, visit the Friouato caves nearby Taza and if you are speleologist you can visit Chiker cave as well.

- Drink orange juice in Marrakesh and Avocado juice in Fes for 3 to 3.50 MADs.

- Learn the art of sipping while drinking mint tea or coffee. By the way Morocco has as good coffee as its mint tea.

- Don’t miss drinking milk with some dates from Zagora and Merzouga, and don’t miss trying the almonds from Azilal region with some mint tea.

- Ride a camel/dromedary for 1 to 2 hours (to forget how to walk for a while) into the beautiful golden thin sand and enjoy the sunset over a huge dunes in Erg Chebbi, enjoy your discussions over a cup of tea in
the camp away from the noise and pollution of cities and into a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

- Enjoy sleeping on the roof or outside in the desert counting the falling stars and enjoy the view of the sky within 1001 stars and Milky Way,

- Enjoy eating boiled snails using a toothpick (in cities such as Marrakesh and Fes), and enjoy eating chickpeas or/ and green beans cooked in boiled water (with some cumin and salt).

- Ladies: don’t miss the chance of getting your hands or/and your feet painted and well decorated with Henna tattoos (lasts for around 8 to 15 days, according to how many times you wash your hands/feet).

- don’t miss having a relaxing time in the Hammam (public bath) cleaning up your body and scrubbing (spaghetti out of your body) your body getting rid of old skin, and trying henna or/and natural soap on your